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Profile of TianTong

Founded in 2002, TianTong Law Firm is committed to becoming the most trusted and respected law firm in the field of dispute resolution in China. Since its founding, TianTong never strives for the size, but for perfection of our work.  Following the development strategy of “staying at the top of the game”, we are dedicated to resolving major and complex commercial disputes for our clients and providing them with 4-in-1 full spectrum legal services encompassing litigation, arbitration, enforcement and bankruptcy. TianTong's Beijing headquarter and its seven offices  have always adhered to the integrative management of manpower, business, market and brand. With our concentration and devotion, our pursuit of extreme excellence, our ingenious tactics, and our open-mindset, TianTong's cohort of professional lawyers, with effective working mode and innovative modus operandi, is contributing to the creation of a more just legal ecosystem in practice.


TianTong's unrivalled track record before all levels of the people's courts (especially the Supreme People's Court) and major arbitral institutions speaks for itself. More than 30 cases handled by TianTong have been selected into core publications on civil and commercial trials, such as Gazette of the Supreme People's Court, Guide on Commercial Adjudication  Civil Trial Guidance and Reference, Case-filing Guidance and Reference, and Judicial Supervision and Guidance. Some of our cases have been selected by the Supreme People's Court as reference cases, serving as a guideline for civil and commercial trials in the future. TianTong has also repeatedly clinched spectacular year-round winning streak in commercial arbitration.

Our Approach
  • Moot Court
    Through moot court, we accurately evaluate the cases and thoroughly prepare for trials and hearings. Practicing and refining strategies in mooting guarantee our superior performances in courts.
  • Visualization
    Through visualization tools, we turn complex legal relations and key facts into clear and demonstrative charts and diagrams.
  • Know-How Management
    As a professional law firm specializing in dispute resolution, we invest on know-how management and adopts the big data approach. Such efforts are our key to success in courts.
Major Events
  • 2019
    凯泰“Best Friends”最佳伙伴计划正式启动。借助这个计划,凯泰将携手一批拥有共同使命、愿景、价值观的律所或团队,以诉讼业务信息化体系为抓手,基于高标准的服务理念,在品牌宣传、市场拓展、业务标准化等方面紧密携手、深度合作、共同进步。
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